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WVT made a perfect appearance in ceramics exhibition

  Thousands of exhibitors, the breakthrough thousands square meters of exhibition scale, two floors, a total of nine exhibition, sponsored by the China ceramic industry association, the new guangzhou league exhibition service co.,LTD., to undertake the 2017 China international exhibition on ceramic industry technology and products in guangzhou pazhou international exhibition center yesterday, attracting eighty thousand people from more than eighty countries and regions to visit procurement.
  And Ningbo Winview Transmission Technology Co., ltd. As a member of the exhibition the exhibitors in the exhibition not only bring the company's regular "RA efficient aluminum alloy worm gear and worm reducer" and "P" series parallel shaft gear reducer, also shows the new "PLT028-020-075 - R" with parallel shaft gear reducer braking motor, it can be in accordance with the instructions quickly stop stop, stable performance and high reliability.
  In the exhibition, the wvt reducer attracts many Chinese and foreign visitors to the booth for consultation with its rich variety of products and beautiful appearance. In this exhibition, the success of the drive has successfully sold a number of decelerator, and has reached a cooperation intention with many Chinese and foreign customers.
  On the ceramics China, not only showed the reducer of our products are through this platform to further deepen the surface drive brand awareness, let more people know about ningbo city drive technology co., LTD., through the communication with exhibitors we get more information of industry.
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