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WVT REDUCER Stunning appearance In Beijing automation expo

  On June 15, 2017, the 13th Beijing international industrial automation exhibition was held in Beijing. China international exhibition center (sanyuanqiao pavilion) was successfully concluded.
  Ningbo Winview Transmission Technology Co., LTD. The professional technical personnel and sales staff team with all company's series reducer products such as invited to the exhibition, the exhibition of the omni-directional to visit booth exhibition exhibition personnel reducer products. Through the platform of the 13th Beijing automation exhibition, we have not only solidified the existing cooperation relationship, but also discovered a large number of potential customers and laid the foundation for the further development of the market.

   China (Beijing) international exhibition of industrial automation (AIAE)) is a business meeting in the field of industrial intelligence, attracted 600 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions, 80000 professional visitors, exhibition area of 80000 square meters.
   Reducer industry development momentum gratifying at the same time, fierce market competition, domestic reducer started late, and foreign big shop sign occupying most of the market share in China, how in the smell of smoke dominate the market competition for war, take advantage of, is each reducer enterprise in China are in deep thought.

   WVT has been aware of the current market situation of China's decelerator market, and has been using the Beijing automation platform to show the leading driving solutions in the industrialized industries of China and the world.
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