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WVT reducer landing in Shanghai robot exhibition


The 6th China international robot exhibition (Shanghai) will be held on July 5, 2017. As the first exhibition of Chinese robots, the exhibition will be attended by thousands of enterprises at the Shanghai national convention and exhibition center.


The 4-day exhibition also came to a close this afternoon.Machine of decelerate of has been committed to research and development, sales of Ningbo Winview Transmission Technology Co., LTD, was invited to log in the sixth China international robot exhibition in 2017, with its the RV reducer with p series reducer, open the exhibition.

"Made in China 2025" planning in 2015, the government will clear industrial robots in pushing breakthrough development one of the top ten key areas, promote the development of standardized, modular robots, expand the market application. According to the ministry of industry and on promoting the development of the industrial robot industry guidance ", by 2020, to establish a perfect system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, industry sales revenue exceeds 3 trillion yuan, realize the intelligent equipment and manufacturing process of automation. This series of supportive policies directly promoted the arrival and continuation of the honeymoon period of China's robot industry.


Cost and the global industrial robot, about 35% is the reducer, about 20% is servo motor, around 15% is the controller, mechanical processing accounts for only about 15% of ontology, the other part is mainly the application. As one of the three key components of the industrial robot, the decelerator has long been a popular concern.

In WVT. Displayed during the exhibition of the RV series reducer and P series reducer, with exquisite appearance for the first time to attract the attention of numerous exhibition personnel, have set foot on the booth to watch. The company the exhibition on site technical and sales personnel, positive patient answer questions ask staff, for the performance characteristics of products and product parameters to give detailed explanation, help you all-round understanding of reducer products and applications.


In this exhibition, WVT Is also a good harvest: to cooperate with many companies to expand the application industry and field of the shengjing drive reducer. Let more people know about the shengjing drive and its products, increasing brand awareness; Through the communication with industry personnel, the understanding and control of industry information will be further deepened, which will be conducive to further development of the company's application of the speed reducer in the industry.

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