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Winview's charm opens the Hanover industrial exposition




   On the afternoon of April 28, 2017, the hannover fair in Hanover, Germany exhibition center, perfect as contact is recognized as the global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technical application and one of the most important platform for international trade, the "fusion industry - to create value" as the theme of the exhibition brings together nearly 7000 exhibitors from more than 70 countries, the audience of up to 180000 people.

WVT since 2016 after again at hannover exhibition, closely related to the exhibition of "integration of industrial - to create value" theme to show our reducer to participants from all over the world in the packaging, textile, engineering machinery, food, beverage, transportation, warehousing logistics, automobile manufacture and so on different areas of application. And we showed in the exhibition of the RA series worm gear and worm reducer and P series parallel shaft gear reducer also got the attention of numerous Chinese and foreign staff, have stepped into the WVT booth to visit inquiry.

Based on the learning of the advanced technology, the exchanges and cooperation spirit, our staff to fully take advantage of the exhibition to the visiting customers, dealers and industry colleagues around the world to conduct a comprehensive in-depth exchanges and communication, and from Germany, Denmark, Israel, France and other countries merchants reached cooperation intention.

Winview Since its establishment has made considerable achievements, has successfully developed overseas markets such as Germany, Russia, India, in spite of this, in the development of reducer industry in China started late, and we have a long way in the development of speed reducer. We will also continue to improve management system, accelerate the city brand transmission process, the rational in the face of market demand, follow the "precision/efficient/stable" product ideas to create more high-quality goods reducer serves the masses of customers.


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